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Our Eggs

Sunny Side Up Farm Eggs
Sunny Side Up Farm Eggs
Sunny Side Up Farm Eggs

Once you taste our eggs and see their golden yolks, you will know you have found the best, healthiest eggs for you and your family.

Our girls offer us these wonderful eggs in an array of colors, from multiple shades of brown, to green and pink, yes, even blue eggs. We are committed to provide our hens with the best care in harmony with Nature and the seasons.

Independent studies have confirmed pastured eggs are much healthier compared to commercially produced eggs. Pastured eggs have been found to have more vitamin A and E, 2x the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, 7x more beta carotene, 1/3 less cholesterol, and 1/4 less saturated fat.

Our mission is to give you and your family the healthiest eggs by giving our hens the best care in harmony with their true nature to be truly
“The Home of the Happy Hens”.

Michele Haldi, Sunny Side Up Farm
Michele Haldi
CEO of Cluck Central

Our Farm

Sunny Side Up Farm is a budding farm located near Port Angeles, on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. We sell pastured, organic eggs. Part of the slow food movement, the pastured poultry business is a natural and more humane way to raise healthy poultry. Due to our mild weather, our hens get to spend every day on pasture all year long! They have plenty of room to roam, fill up on fresh grass, seeds and plants. They can (express their “chickeness” or satisfy their natural behavior) and scratch to find all the goodies they enjoy and only nature can provide. All this natural bounty produces delicious and healthy eggs. Our flock started with 4 rescue hens and a rooster.  After a few months of TLC, Anna, Anais, Abigail and Alice flourished into beautiful hens. Max, the rooster, is now a watchful protector who alerts the girls of any yummy morsels he can find. Soon after, more gorgeous local hens joined our flock. Born and raised locally on the Olympic Peninsula, they are healthy and happily working on producing beautiful eggs for your enjoyment. This Spring, 50 chicks were raised on the farm and are now laying beautiful healthy eggs. Some of our girls are featured in the pictures above. We hope we’ll get to share with you the experience of delicious and healthy eggs. They are sunshine in a shell!

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Meet The Founders

Our hens are heritage breeds such as Wyandottes, Barred Rocks, Cuckoo Marans, Spitzhaubens, Australorps and Ameraucanas amongst others. They are naturally suited for life on pasture where they feast on fresh grass and tasty morsels. Their pasture is rotated regularly and is free of pesticides and fertilizer.



Blondie is an Ameraucana, born in February of 2016, she is still laying beautiful turquoise eggs. A little on the shy side, she will, however, not give up her spot at the feeder. This girl has her priorities straight!


Plymouth Rock

Heidi is the sweetest hen. She is a Plymouth Rock and lays nice brown eggs. She is very curious and loves to jump on my shoulder to hitch a ride whenever she can. She enjoys a nice scenic ride around the coop. She is also the first to come and check I am going about their routine right.

Mr. Peeps


Mr. Peeps is a Spitzhauben, a Swiss breed. He was so named as he was the cutest little yellow fluff ball you could see and since he was born a little before Easter, it was unavoidable!

He now is a very confident, beautiful rooster. The first one to crow in the morning, he has quite a following in our little valley from other roosters and humans alike.



Anais came to us via the local shelter. She was rescued along with Anna, Abigail, Alice and Max. These 5 were the first chickens to join our family, even before we were Sunny Side Up Farm. They are “The Founders” as we name them. She is Max favorite girl. Shy and independent, she lays green eggs.



Anna was rescued in very poor health, the worst one of the 5 Founders. She lays big brown eggs…when she feels like it. And it’s OK with us. She is also the Matriarch and will let all the new kids know who’s boss.

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